Free application that any rescuer can install in a matter of a second

Medical data can be only saved in the chip with the help of a smartphone with an Android system

How does it work?

The SmartICE application is a smart tool for reading-using a smartphone - equipped with NFC- information about the user's health condition, medicine intake, the contacts of trusted loved ones, and personal data that is stored on media devices such as the "ICE band, life bracelet, ICE card, ICE sticker, medical headband, ICE tag, ICE patch".

The SmartICE application does not use the user's internet, which makes personal data completely safe. After closing the application, the user's personal data is permanently removed from the user's device . To add on, the user can feel more comfortable and safe with the option to keep their data protected with a password.

Making Emergency Services Easier

Medical rescuers very often meet co-workers who due to their health conditions are not always able to provide full information to emergency services, even as basic as their first and last name.

Thanks to the SmartICE app, the rescuer will be able to read the ICE or ICE card on the user's armband extremely useful data such as: Past or present diseases medications, allergies, user's contacts to loved ones or medical providers The most important advantage of the ICE wristband and card is that the user will always have it with them. In the event of a threat to a user's health the rescuer can use the information that has been saved on the storage medium. Because of this app, applying the right treatment for a user is shortened.

Our ICE wristband and card can be used as a badge for children on a family trip or on a holiday trip.

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Application that saves lives!

A quick and reliable application with appropriate treatment in a event of a life and health hazard has a major impact on the first aid effect. Data read using the application are invaluable for making the right decision, which can save lives.

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In our offer, you can find various types of storage media cooperating with the SmartICE app, which are applicable depending on the needs and purposes.

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