Free application that any rescuer can install in a matter of a second

Medical data can be only saved in the chip with the help of a smartphone with an Android system

By downloading the SmartICE application , I agree to the following terms:
1. The user is identified as the one who installed the application and agreed to the regulations.

2. The SmartICE app. is a smart tool that saves a users personal information

3. The data stored from the use of this app serves as a guide for emergencies and medical services in the event of a critical situation.

4. The administration and owners of smartice.info do not bear any responsibility for damages caused as a result of any inaccurate data saved on storage media and the use of unauthorized personnel.

5. During the use of the SmartICE application, internet connects are not in use.

6. The user of this application is obligated to recieve consent from the people who have been indicated as ICE contacts. The user takes full responsibility for consenting with these conditions in case of providing any contacts and personal data to a third party.

8. Smartphones with the IOS system does not save data on the SmartICE chip. This chip saves data on the smartphone Android system with the use of NFC.

9. SmartICE owners provide consent to free use of the application by medical doctors, emergency situations,police, guards, army, border guards, municipal guards, and other services whose employees may come across a person in need of help who has medical data saved by the SmartICE application.

10. The user of the SmartICE app. is aware that he or she is the owner of the personal information and that it is made available only for the purpose of saving lives and that full data protection rights are maintained.

11. The use of the SmartICE application has no right to resell or use the application for commercial or any commercial purposes.

12. The application may not be used in a manner that is not in accordance with the law of the user's country of residence.

13. The SmartICE application does not generate costs.

14. The user of the SmartICE application is aware and agrees that the use of this application by the user or a third party is associated with the risk of misunderstanding the content he or she has saved. In this case, it should be ensured that the descriptions and contents entered by the user are legible, truthful, and understandable.

15. Termination and resignations of the service may be done at any time and place by permanently removingthe application from the users device and permanently destroying the chip with the recording data. If the user chooses not to abide by the terms and conditions or any provisions of these regulations, the application must be removed from the users phone. Regulations come into force on 27-07-2018

Final provisions

1. The service provider respects all user's rights under the provisions of the Polish law.

2. The service provider reserves the right to change these regulations and is obligated to notify the users about every change at least 14 days before the updated version of the regulations becomes effective on the website smartice.info

3. The user has the right not to accept the wording of these regulations.

4. Graphics, layouts, and colors of the SmartICE application are the property of the smartice.info portal and are protected by the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Each use requires written consent of the Service Provider. Failure to obtain consent may result in criminal and civil liability.

5. Disputes arising from the provision of services under these regulations will be submitted to a common court in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Polish Law. Contact informations of the administrator and owner of the portal smartice.info mentioned in the regulations above:

Jan Markowski
19-314 Kalinowo ul. Mazurska 16

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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